Ecological guidance update

3rd August, 2014

BS 42020 – A code of practice for biodiversity in planning and development.

A new British Standard has been released by the BSI (British Standard Institute) that provides guidance and a code of practice on how biodiversity is considered within the planning context.

This should assist Local Authorities in helping the UK to reach its target of halting losses of biodiversity by 2020, in line with the European Biodiversity Strategy 2010 and the UN Aichi targets.

The Standard enables a structured approach to providing for nature within the planning process at each stage.

The new Standard provides:

  • Guidance on producing concise and clear ecological information to assist planning applications
  • Guidance on how to manage Biodiversity within the planning process to reduce negative impacts and give direction on effective decision making
  • It should also enable more confidence within planning authorities and regulatory bodies to have more confidence in ecological information that accompanies development proposals

The new Standard will be relevant to a range of professions working in the fields of ecology, land use planning, land management, architecture, civil engineering, landscape architecture, forestry, arboriculture, surveying, building and construction.

The guidance provided should make clearer from the outset, the type of ecological work that will be required to accompany planning applications.