Colten Care Ltd was proposing to demolish three houses on a site in order to construct a care home. An ecological survey was required at the planning stage. Serotine bats were recorded in one of the buildings and the site was suitable for foraging bats.

Pro Vision, helped design a landscaping scheme suitable for use by Serotine bats. The scheme incorporated structural woodland edge planting using native species to mimic real woodland edges that bats hunt and forage around. The planting was designed to also benefit birds and insects and to help in screening the site during and after construction.

The provision of a wildlife area provided further enhancements and opportunities for animals as well as offering an interesting area for residents to enjoy at their leisure.

Habitat piles for insects, bat boxes for roosting bats and bird boxes were also included into the design and landscaping. Further measures to encourage roosting bats were designed into the care home.