Pro Vision was commissioned by Hazeley Developments Ltd to produce a Biodiversity Enhancement Plan and associated report to satisfy a key ecological condition of planning consent. Working closely with landscape architects, Pro Vision Ecology incorporated a series of features designed to positively enhance the site for wildlife. Ecological features were designed to strike the balance between site aesthetics and the needs of local, native wildlife and to be cost effective and easily incorporated into existing site plans and designs.

These included: native species planting (including fruiting, flowering and seeding species to encourage a wide range of birds, small mammals and invertebrates); wildflower turf, bulb and plug planting to encourage native pollinators; maintenance-free bat boxes to provide bat roosting opportunities; bird boxes to provide nesting opportunities for a range of native garden birds; reptile hibernation and foraging areas; under-fence passages to increase connectivity for animals throughout the site and to the wider countryside; associated habitat management plans

All ecological enhancements were designed to contribute directly towards maximum Code for Sustainable Homes Assessment credits.