This was a competition entry for a new way of looking at retirement living for the baby boom generation.

Homes for later life must provide the framework for active living not just the matter-of-fact delivery of shelter. The place one chooses to call home should be as ambitious and inspiring as the human potential that inhabits it.  In fact, the home is part of the physical expression and framework where those hopes and dreams are experienced.  Human potential and experience are stored up as riches and are most abundant in later-life; in the face of youth culture the “Golden Minds” need a space where they can proclaim “Wow! What a Ride!”, and to continue that inspired living.

Tech-savvy “Silver Surfers” demand a home to match 21st century ideals with the flexibility to attain significant environmental and energy consumption improvements, consequently, the proposed scheme was designed with the potential to achieve high levels of sustainability.

The specific proposals demonstrate a courtyard scheme of a mix of terraced units and apartments as a recognisable and familiar built form which has been adopted to emphasise community and security.  A centrally managed communal space contains a pavilion with an exciting form under which community affairs can be gathered.  The potential for the provision of private gardens and boundary spaces are also designed into the scheme.

Local context and surrounding properties were respected by keeping the larger scale buildings away from sensitive boundaries and a variety of materials were employed in the design. The apartments featured allotment roof terraces and a ‘winter garden’ for convenient indoor-outdoor living.

The design looks to inspire the older generations and provide contemporary accommodation that rises above the typical notion of an "old peoples' home".

Client: Care Home Provider
Brief: Retirement living for the baby boom generation
Proposal: 40 unit scheme includes 18 apartments
Flexible central community pavilion building