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An outline planning application for the Land to the South of St. Johns Church of England School (also known as MOR006 and referred to as “The Site” in the Adopted Neighbourhood Plan) has been submitted by Pro Vision on behalf of T A Fisher to West Berkshire Council.  The application comprises two parts:

Part 1 - the erection of 110 dwellings including affordable housing, public open space and associated landscaping with all matters reserved other than access and layout; and

Part 2 - the erection of a 3FE Infant School and 900sqm GP surgery (Use Class D1) with shared parking area with all matters reserved other than access.

The outline application proposes in summary:

  • Approximately 4.3ha of land for residential use;
  • Provision of 110 dwellings at a net average density of 26dph with parking provision and amenity space;
  • Two Local Areas of Play (LAPs);
  • 1ha of land set aside to enable provision of a 3FE infant school and 900sqm GP surgery with shared drop-off / parking area;
  • 3ha of new public open space incorporating leisure trail; and
  • A 20m landscape buffer comprising a mix of shrub and woodland planting.

“What is an outline application?”

An outline application seeks to establish the principle of development on the site.  This means the Council will consider whether the development is in accordance with the Adopted Neighbourhood Plan and other West Berkshire Council planning policy documents.  The Council will also need to consider whether the amount of development proposed can be accommodated on the site.  For further information, see the Governments guidance here: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/making-an-application#outline-planning-permission

As part of an outline application, the Council can be asked to consider detailed matters relating to “access”, “layout”, “scale”, “appearance” and “landscaping”.  These are known as the Reserved Matters. 

At this stage, the Council is asked to consider the means of “access” to the site as a whole, and the “layout” of the residential part of the proposal.  The submitted layout for the residential development does provide an indication of how the school and surgery part of the development could be provided and further illustrative information related to the “scale”, “appearance” and “landscaping” are provided within the Design and Access Statement.

Together with the Design and Access statement, the following documents have been submitted with the Outline application to the Council for consideration:

  • Site Location Plan (Drawing no. 2095/P01 Rev A)
  • Site Layout Plan (Drawing nos. 2095/P02 Rev C and 2095/P03 Rev F)
  • Existing and Proposed Indicative Site Sections (Drawing nos. 2095/P04 and 2095/P05)
  • Proposed Access (Drawing no. 5427.001 Rev B)
  • Topographical Survey (Drawing no. M-1.DWG)
  • Site Design Brief Revision
  • Transport Assessment
  • Travel Plan
  • Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment
  • Landscape Strategy and Typical Planting Plan
  • Arboricultural Impact Assessment
  • Ecological Assessment
  • Flood Risk Assessment and Drainage Strategy
  • Utilities Assessment
  • Groundsure screening report
  • Desk-top Study
  • Statement of Community Involvement

The application has been registered by West Berkshire Council and given reference no. 17/03004/OUTMAJ.  The application is being considered by Mr Simon Till, a Planning Officer at the Council.   The Council has indicated that it expects to make a decision on the application by 8 February 2018.   The application documents can be viewed here on the Council’s website: http://planning.westberks.gov.uk/rpp/index.asp?caseref=17/03004/OUTMAJ

Previous updates:

The Stratfield Mortimer Neighbourhood Plan

The Stratfield Mortimer Neighbourhood Plan was adopted as part of the Development Plan for West Berkshire District Council on 22 June 2017.  The Neighbourhood Plan allocates the site known as “Land to the south of St. John’s Church of England School, off The Street (site ref MOR006)” for development.  The site is allocated to meet the housing requirement for 110 units in Mortimer up to 2026, and is also required to provide a larger site for the existing St Johns Infant School to relocate to, and land for a new Doctor's Surgery.  Policies SDB1 – SDB4 of the Neighbourhood Plan establish design parameters for The Site and require a detailed design brief to be prepared by the developer.


The Site Design Brief

In March 2017, a Site Design Brief was submitted to the Parish Council for consideration. Click here for the original Brief. (please be patient as the file may take a few minutes to download).

On Wednesday 26 April 2017, we held a public exhibition and invited local residents to come and view our proposals and provide feedback. Click here for a copy of the exhibition boards. 

On 1 June 2017, a meeting took place between Members of the Parish Council and Neighbourhood Planning Group and the developer to discuss feedback on the Site Design Brief.  Following this meeting, the Site Design Brief was revised and an updated version was submitted on 28 June 2017 to the Parish Council and Neighbourhood Planning Group.  That Site Design Brief was considered at a public meeting on 13 July 2017 and feedback was provided.  A further revision to the Site Design Brief was undertaken and Revision B was submitted to the Neighbourhood Planning Group on 9 August 2017.  Following further discussions with the Neighbourhood Planning Group, an amended Site Design Brief was submitted to the Parish Council on 4 October 2017. Click on the image to download the amended Site Design Brief or alternatively click here.

Current Proposal

We are working towards submission of an outline planning application for development on this site.  The application will include:

  • The erection of 110 dwellings – 66 Open Market homes and 44 Affordable Homes;
  • Provision of 1ha of land sufficient for a 3FE Infant School and GP Surgery with shared parking area; 
  • Provision of at least 3ha of public open space and associated landscaping;
  • Provision of sustainable drainage measures;
  • Vehicle access off The Street via the Tower House and Fairwinds site with a shared pedestrian / cycleway to The Street.


Click on the image to download the illustrative layout drawing or alternatively click here

How can I find out more?

We have produced a list of Frequently Asked Questions which can be viewed here.

For information about our previous consultation events please follow the link below.

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