• Masterplan proposals
  • Masterplan proposals

Marwell Wildlife is an important visitor attraction south of Winchester. Marwell commissioned Pro Vision to prepare a buildings inventory and development options report leading to a land use based masterplan for the entire site. The purpose of the masterplan was to give clear direction for future development (to 2026).

The masterplan process involved:

  • Surveys of the site, its surrounds and land use planning context;
  • Analysis of a wide range of information gathered;
  • Consultation with the Park's representatives;
  • Stakeholder Consultation;
  • Prioritisation and decision making over key objectives and proposals;
  • Plan drafting for proposals for new built form, circulation systems and environmental framework; and
  • Consideration of implementation and phasing issues.

Various key concepts were developed and employed during the creation of the masterplan as part of an holistic approach looking at all aspects of design. Pro Vision developed various options and we were able to help the client focus on the conservation objectives that they intend to pursue for the next 10 years.